Choose your level of care

Long and short term contracts are available for students. The initial service fee is higher than subsequent fees due to the intensive care we provide during the settling down period after arrival.

To provide for a variety of needs, there are options of care available. The difference among the options of care is the regularity of our face to face contact with students. Some students require at least once a week face to face visit, some students require less face to face visits. The more regular face to face visits are required, the higher the fees. In essence, customised care service is available upon request.

Regardless of the option of care service chosen, our core services are:

  • pre-departure information
  • airport reception for arriving students(if required)
  • introduction and orientation to Australia
  • professional guidance for study needs
  • advice and referrals for day-to-day living needs in Australia
  • application and admission procedures for entrance into Australian education institutions (school, college, TAFE, university)
  • visa applications – contact details, fees, procedures
  • accommodation – on campus and off campus residential
  • travel and leisure arrangements/recommendations during vacation periods
  • reliable 24-hour contact, 7 days a week

Our service is flexible. Students may switch to a different option at a later date.

Fees table (in Australian dollars)

StudentFirst STANDARD service:

1st week fee


Weekly fee thereafter


StudentFirst CUSTOMISED service:

1st week fee


Weekly fee thereafter

from AUD$50

* the CUSTOMISED service fee will depend on the care service arrangement drawn to suit the student's need

StudentFirst STANDARD service fee includes

Contacts with student: at least once a week

The carer contacts the student by phone at least once a week to ensure the student is doing well. Should there be any issues to be solved, either it is personal or academic issues, we hope to identify them early and rectify them quickly.

Personal visit: at least once a month

The carer visits the student in person at least once a month to see it for themselves that the student is doing well.

Contact with parents: twice a year

The carer will write a report to the student's parents twice a year, and will be in touch with the education provider also twice a year.

Please be reminded that we are contactable by both parents and the student 24/7 if required. The above schedule is our standard regular contact scheduled to student/parents. Should more regular face to face visits to student, or more regular reports to parents are required, we will be happy to accommodate and customised the service scheduling according to the student's need. In such case, the care service fee will be determined on the type of services required and their regularity.

Additional fees (if applicable):

•  Airport pick up and temporary accommodation arrangement fee

Many institutions provide airport pick up service and make accommodation arrangement to their new commencing students. If such services are not available or students/parents prefer a StudentFirst carer to provide them, additional fee(s) will be charged. Airport pick up and temporary accommodation arrangement fee: A$80 (accompanying person - additional $40 each).

•  Translation fee of reports to parents

A standard report to parents is written either in English or in Bahasa Indonesia. Requests for translation of reports to other languages need to be passed on to a professional translator (approved by NAATI). Therefore an additional fee is required. The translation fee is varied, and the availability of the translator is determined upon request. Please refer to NAATI website for languages and translator availability (

Payments to StudentFirst are to be made in advance for at least four weeks duration. The first payment is to be made by telegraphic transfer and payments thereafter are by direct debit. For information on refund policies, please refer to the application form.