Airport Reception and Temporary Accommodation Form

Important notes:

  1. Please submit this form at least 48 hours before your arrival to ensure airport reception and temporary accommodation booking (if required).

  2. Notify us immediately (in writing) if there are any changes.

  3. In case of emergency, please contact Michael Gunawan at 0433 988 233 (International: +61 433 988 233)

1. Student’s details

Family name: *

Given name: *

Country of residence:

Email: *

Home phone number: *

Home fax number:

Mobile number:

Institution or school name and campus:

2. Arrival details

Departure from home

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Time: *

Arrival in Melbourne

Airline: *

Flight number: *

Date: *

Time: *

Estimate number of accompanying person (Please indicate adults or children. If there are children, please indicate how old) *

Estimate number of accompanying luggage/bags/boxes *

Special needs:

3. Accommodation details

Have you made arrangement for your accommodation? *


If Yes:

Accommodation details information

Host name (if known)







If No:

Would you like us to arrange a temporary accommodation for you?

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If yes you need to complete the rest of the form.

If No Go to number 5

4. Temporary accommodation booking request

Preferred price range:

less than $50

$50 to $100

over $100 (e.g. hotel, serviced apartment, etc)

Preferred location:

In Melbourne city area (CBD)

On campus or near campus location

How long would you need temporary accommodation for?

Special requirements (if any):

5. Terms and Conditions:

  • This form must be lodged at least 48 hours before your arrival to ensure airport reception and temporary accommodation (if required)
  • Notify us immediately (in writing) if your flight details change. Failure to do so may result in an additional AU$50 charge.
  • Cancellation should be lodged in writing at least 24 hours prior to your arrival or a cancellation fee of AU$50 will be incurred.
  • You need to notify us in writing if any of your accompanying items are bigger than standard travelling luggage (e.g. surf board), or heavier than 25 kg per item. Special travel arrangements may be required, in which an additional cost may be applied.
  • Temporary accommodation is subject to availability. Prior to your departure, we will send you information of the accommodation we have chosen for you and the booking details. It is your responsibility to investigate further if the services available in that accommodation meet your requirements.
I have read, and agree with, the Terms and conditions listed above:


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