Quality services

StudentFirst provides a quality care service for international students under 18 years of age studying in Melbourne. We provide assistance and referrals for living and studying needs of students.

Our service begins when students select us from the list of preferred providers of their education institution or when they are referred to us by their institution once they have selected us from a list of approved providers. The service continues with the student initial arrival and throughout their studies. StudentFirst focuses on the students' welfare, allowing the students to focus on their studies.

We believe in building close trusting relationships with our students without intruding into their personal space. We are proactive in maintaining regular contact with the student, both by phone or in person.

Our core services include:

  • Pre-departure information
  • Arrival services
  • Study and living assistance
  • Guardianship for those under 18 years of age

Pre-departure information

  • We ensure that the arrangement of airport pickup and accommodation is in place
  • We provide a pre-departure checklist for students to assist their preparation as they are departing for Australia
  • We provide contact details or feedback channels for students who may have questions prior to departure

Arrival services

  • We provide airport pickup (if required)
  • We make contact with the student in person within 24 hours of their arrival in Melbourne to ensure they are settling in well
  • We provide a full orientation of all the necessities, such as transport, emergency contacts, personal needs, medical centre, local laws, visa regulations, etc
  • We provide assistance in opening a bank account, creating phone connection, etc

Study and living assistance

  • We provide guidance in terms of study management
  • We give advice on personal welfare as well as personal safety
  • We provide assistance in leisure and travel arrangements during holiday periods (if required)
  • We provide assistance in making large/costly purchases
  • We provide assistance in lodging medical claims

Guardianship for students under 18

As part of the student visa application process, students wishing to study in Australia who will be under 18 years of age when their program commences must have a legal custodian while studying in Australia . If their parents are not living in the same country (or city), they are required to have a relative over 21 years of age with a proven good character to be their legal custodian. Alternatively they can nominate a professional carer who has been approved by the education provider.

StudentFirst is an approved professional carer and we can serve as a legal guardian to students under 18 years of age. We also serve as a student's point of contact.

Specifically for those under 18 years of age, we provide a contact point for the students at all times

  • We are the student's representative when dealing with any third party (educational provider, homestay parents, etc)
  • We sign documents on behalf of the parents (with their approval)
  • We attend parent teacher interviews
  • We provide assistance in purchasing school books and school uniforms
  • We provide assistance in managing the student's finances, i.e. pocket money (if required)
  • We liaise with the host family (homestay parents) on a regular basis
  • We accompany students to seek medical advice (when required)

We also provide direction for professional assistance in terms of extending or changing student visa (if required). We ensure the student complies with any visa requirements .


We do not influence the student or their parents in their selection of course of study or in their selection of an appropriate education institution