The advantages of StudentFirst

Our first and foremost priority is to ensure the wellbeing of students while they are studying, and we are able to achieve that by drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of the Australian education sector.

We have a quota in terms of the number of students we take under our care to ensure high quality of services.

We provide care service for both short and long term.

We are an independent organisation and provide our services to those students who attend education institutions with whom we have a preferred provider. As an independent operator our primary and sole obligation is to the students and their parents who have selected us as guardianship provider. We will make decisions based on what is best for the students. We will place the student's interest ahead of the institutions they are studying at.

We guarantee:

  • the highest level of service and care to students
  • reliable 24-hour contact, 7 days a week
  • access to a wide range of services through our wide network of contacts (e.g. travel agents, telecommunication dealers, car dealers, individual tutors, accountants, solicitors, etc)

An application form is available on our website, which makes applying easy.